WallSync Capture Documentation


The WallSync Capture mobile app allows you to quickly transform handwritten sticky notes, lists and text boxes into your digital tools.

You can download the app via the links below:

iTunes App Store: Download WallSync Capture for iPhone

Google Play: Download WallSync Capture for Android

The Capture flow

Capture Mode

Tips for taking photos

To get the best results, follow these steps:

  • Take multiple photos if you have lots of notes to give us the best chance of getting 100% accurate handwriting recognition
  • Write as neatly as you can - if a human can’t read it, neither can a computer (yet)!
  • If using sticky notes, try to arrange them neatly. Avoid overlapping notes.
  • Take clear images where the handwriting is clearly visible.
  • Ensure you have good lighting in the room.
  • Use dark pens, whiteboard markers or sharpies.
  • Contrast the colour between the wall and the sticky notes or index cards (i.e. pink sticky notes on a white wall)

Capture steps

Take your photo and name the group

You can either use the embedded camera, or use a saved image from your device library

NOTE: you have to take the photos in portrait. However, you can select both landscape and portrait images from your devicexs library

Review and make changes

Quickly see the recogniosed text come to life. You can make text changes here or remove unwanted notes.

When it looks good, it gets added to the canvas, where you can continue to add new photos.

The Canvas - where organisation happens

Capture Mode

Using the canvas to organise notes

The Wallsync canvas is where you can

  1. organise your notes into categories
  2. add multiple photos to build up a complete story of a workshop or meeting

Long-press to rearrange a note

If you’d like to rearrange the position of a note or move it to a different category, press down on it for a second and you’ll be able to drag it to a different position

Double-tap to edit a note

In the canvas view, double tapping on a note will open the edit note screen allowing you to edit the note text or delete it

Browse, search and edit notes

You can quickly scroll through the notes, make changes and reorganise them

Split by column

Rename a group

Exporting notes

The WallSync canvas allows the notes to be exported to various tools.

  1. Atlassian Trello
  2. Atlassian Jira
  3. Google sheets
  4. Email
  5. Plus; you can export the text from all the notes to any app that supports it on your device. Such as Slck, whatsapp, Google Keep or apple notes

Export to email

Export a google spreadsheet

Export to Atlassian Jira

You can select:

  1. The type of item to create. Such as whether it is an Epic, Story, Task or Bug
  2. Whether attachments should be included in the created item

The Dashboard

Capture Mode

The Wallsync dashboard is where you can

  1. see a history of your captured
  2. create a new capture session
  3. add to an existing session
  4. delete a session you no longer need