Share workshop outcomes instantly

Harness the energy and momentum of your workshop. Instantly share all the outcomes with your team and turn ideas into action items.

Say no to time-consuming admin

Skip the post-workshop data entry. Let us digitise and categorise your handwritten notes in seconds.

Sync with Jira & Trello

Sync your workshop outcomes directly into the tools you already use. No more grainy photos hidden in shared drives.

How it works

Capture your workshop outcomes

Capture your workshop notes in bulk using the WallSync app.

WallSync does it’s magic!

WallSync will digitise and categorise your handwritten post-it notes. Creating a digital replica of your physical wall of notes.

Review, edit & organise

Review, edit or oganise your digitised notes. Edit the text, change categories or just leave it until later.

Sync & share in Trello or Jira

Link your Trello or Jira account and sync your workshop outcomes with your team in an instant.

Supercharge your workshops

Get WallSync Capture, share outcomes with your team instantly and skip the mindless, time-consuming admin.

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