JIRA’s first augmented reality tool lets you have the best of both worlds.

Here, have some cake.
Yes you can eat it too.

We know how it goes...

You want the physical wall because nothing beats that personal interaction and everything that comes with it.

But it’s easy to miss the problem cards, the ones that are stalled or people are discussing a lot due to block or a lack of understanding.

WallSync gives you critical info in real time as you look at the physical board through your mobile or tablet.

You want to use JIRA because of the power it brings to automating and tracking your data.

But keeping JIRA up to date with all changes from the wall and remote team members is a pain.

WallSync will handle it so you don’t need to.

The live data of JIRA and the collaboration of physical cards.

Say goodbye to...

  • Spending too much time keeping JIRA up to date.
  • Not noticing cards that are stuck in progress.
  • Not having enough information to know which cards need attention.
  • Losing trust in the accuracy of your JIRA statuses.
  • Chasing remote team members for updates.
  • Struggling to keep team’s walls in different locations in sync.
  • Having a lack of visibility of who is doing what.

Let your wall do the work for you - automated reconciliation with JIRA Agile.

All the best features of JIRA and the physical wall with none of the drawbacks.

Live information overlaid on your physical cards.

Take the right actions at your stand up.

Instantly see:

Which cards aren’t moving
(when it was last updated).

Who the assignee is.

Which cards have the most discussion
(number of comments).

All of of this instantly available.

Distributed team?
No problem.

No more admin headaches trying to keep physical tasks boards in multiple locations in sync.

Just Sync the boards before and after your stand up.

A painless way to help teams collaborate across locations.

Keep in sync

Easily manage a physical card wall.

You can see differences between the cards on the wall and JIRA and make them match up with a click of a button.

Get your task wall up to date in seconds before your stand up.

Keeping your card wall in sync is a cinch.

WallSync is currently available for Android devices.

Coming Soon. Apple iOS and Server versions.

Keep in touch.